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Indiana Agriculture and Technology School is powered by a team of professional educators committed to ensuring each student is engaged and successful.

Lead Teacher

Student's courses are managed by a Lead Teacher that makes sure students are engaged and understand the material that is being delivered. These fully licensed Indiana Teachers will provide feedback and grades over their coursework.

Learning Advocate

Each Student will be assigned a Student Learning Advocate. These support staff are Indiana licensed teachers who will guide students academically while providing personalized instruction using collaboration tools, through email, and over the phone during office hours.

Success Coach

Learning and development will also be empowered by Success Coaches and Concept Coaches who will tutor, answer course questions, and mentor students as they progress through their coursework.


What Parents Are Saying About IATS

From the 2020 IDOE Charter Schools Parent Survey

"We love this school! It is wonderful."

"It offers a versatile schedule that meets our family's needs."

"It has an excellent curriculum ."

"It was the best thing I could have done for her."

"Teaches self discipline and time management along with the normal curriculum'

"I feel this school is a good alternative to traditional brick and mortar schools."

"Because of all the guidance you receive for your student's high school career and the school provided Chromebook, the help you can easily access. The staff is always ready to help."

"We have absolutely loved that our son can work at his own pace and the close teacher interaction is amazing."

Additional Data from The 2020 IDOE Charter Schools Parent Survey

• 98% of parents surveyed said that they were satisfied or highly satisfied with their child's education at IATS.

• 93% of parents surveyed said that they were satisfied or highly satisfied with the leadership at IATS.

• 98% of parents surveyed said that they were satisfied or highly satisfied with what their child was learning at IATS.

• 96% of parents surveyed said that they would recommend IATS to another parent or family member.


What is Indiana Agriculture and Technology School?

IATS is a  Public Indiana Charter High School and Middle School that offers a PROVEN, high-quality online education that is backed by a support structure designed to ensure student success.


What grades does IATS currently serve?

IATS is enrolling grades 7-12 for the 2022-23 school year. 


Are there any fees associated with IATS?

For a student's core curriculum there is no tuition or book fees! Students may however have course fees associated with career pathways and outside curriculum.


How are the remote courses taught? Is there a specific time my student needs to be in class?

Our core curriculum is taught asynchronously, meaning that students work at their own pace to complete their course work. Our classes are prerecorded so students may move on their own through the courses, while the teacher and Student Learning Advocates monitor their progress and grades to make sure they stay on track and master the curriculum.


If my student comes to IATS and it doesn’t work out, will the credits they earned transfer?

Yes. IATS is an Indiana State Accredited school. Our courses meet the Indiana standards and will transfer to other Indiana Public Schools.


When do classes begin?

Classes begin August 11th, 2022, for the 2022-23 School Year.

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